Thursday, October 28, 2010

New ribbon technique from Des Moines regional

I am posting pictures from the regional seminar that I went to 10/15. The presenter used the scallop trim border punch and then wove ribbon through. She used the 1/8" taffeta, the 3/8" taffeta, and the crochet trim. I tried it and it makes an incredible edge. I will have to take a pic of my card to add here, but these are all from the regional. Just make sure that the ends of the punched edge are all closed in, not part of a scallop. Want more info? leave a comment, give me a call, or email.


  1. Really pretty! I went on Saturday and had different wows. I'm going to have to try these. Hi from central Iowa!

  2. You have lots of nice cards on your blog! New follower from SC #276. Teresea

  3. Looks like a fun technique! Luck you getting to go to Regionals. Fun Blog. Following you via Stampin Connection #271