Sunday, September 20, 2009

Adventureland with Dylan

Our daughter and son-in-law were going to Adventureland with their almost 2 yr old Dylan. They took our oldest grandaughter Taylor to help out. We still had our tickets left that we got at a discount from the hospital. So instead of picking him up in the afternoon so they could enjoy some time without baby, we went and played with him there. Saturday was the perfect day. The weather was beautiful and the lines weren't too long! The top picture is Dylan when we arrived. So grandpa stayed with him and the rest of us rode the Tornado. Then when he woke up we took him on all the kiddee rides as well as the ferris wheel, train, and bumper cars. He was a bit fussy at first when grandma put him on a ride by himself, but soon learned to enjoy himself. The next picture is him driving a truck. We had a totally enjoyable time and grandma spoiled him by feeding him mini donuts and letting him drink from her water bottle. He is usually a mama's boy, but he did very well on this trip.

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