Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Double gate fold card with instructions

Use double sided designer paper 12x5 1/2". Score at 4 and 8". Mark each 5 1/2 side at 2 3/4. Cut from top of each 4" area to the 2 3/4" mark. You will have a triangle from each side. Turn over and using the opposite pattern, glue on bottom of the panels that you cut off the top. The tip of the triangle should face out and the wide area to the center. Then fold each outer panel to the center to make the double gate fold. I used a belly band to close the card and it measures 1x8 1/2". I also added a 1/2x81/2" strip of designer paper to the belly band. Then add an image, cutout, punched shape, etc. to the front of the belly band. Glue it over where the edges of the band met and are glued.

 This rose red card is my first one and I glued the triangles on wrong, so that you don't see both patterns on the front when the belly band with sentiment is in place unless you position it lower as in next photo.

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